T-3 days til I depart for London.  I am excited, but also a bit nervous.  I’m ready for the experience and look forward to make the most out of it.

Some brief background information about my semester.  I will be studying at Harlaxton College, in Grantham, UK.  That’s about an hour from London via train.  I’m also going to be an RA there which should be fun.  So far, I plan on traveling across England, to Ireland, Spain, France, and Italy.

Here are just a few goals I’ve set for myself during my time abroad:

  • Travel and take volumes of pictures
  • Get a 4.0 (even though grades won’t transfer, I expect the best from myself)
  • Get at least 50 observation hours
  • Experience experiences

I am nervous about who I will meet.  I’m not super outgoing or sociable, and I feel like the kids who study abroad are. So I will be placed in an uncomfortable situation, being surrounded by unfamiliar places, in an unfamiliar land.  Although, I like to think I do pretty well in situations where I am outside my comfort zone.  I’m also nervous about traveling alone.  Just last week I booked flights and hotels for a trip to Italy I plan on going on all alone.  It’s kinda scary, but at the same time,  that’s what makes it fun.

I am excited to be going to places I’ve seen on TV, or online.  I’m excited to see art that is old, extravagant, and memorable.  Art that is legendary, and extra-dimensional.  Excited to make new friends, and go on spontaneous trips with them across the UK and all of Europe.  Excited to do things I never thought I’d actually be able to do.  Excited to experience new experiences. Excited to eat new foods, and explore cultures that are foreign to me.  Excited to come back “well seasoned”.

Until next week,



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