Week 3: Cambridge

Other than school work, I didn’t do too much this week.  On Tuesday, I went to my Meet-A-Family’s house for dinner.  We had a wonderful time and I especially enjoyed our dinner of meat fondue followed by a chocolate fondue.  I’m excited to go back to their house this coming Tuesday for dinner!

On Wednesday, we had our first basketball game.  I joined the Harlaxton basketball team not knowing what the competition would be like, but we are a part  of a very real league.  The team we played on Wednesday was huge! They apparently have their own website, and their average age was probably like 30-35.  I also think they had a Honda sponsorship since they all had Honda logos on their shorts and jerseys.  I don’t want to speak about the score of the game, but I’ll just say we could’ve done better.  Before the game, our ref told us that the team we were playing were the favorites to win the league and that we had a +85 point handicap against them.

On Thursday we had a dodgeball tournament as another house competition!  My house was in 2nd or 3rd place before the tournament and since we ended up winning it we are now in 1st.  I hope it stays that way.

Saturday was the day trip to Cambridge.  We got their and went to a pub called the Eagle where during one WWII, the american soldiers would go and they would write messages on the walls.  It is also were Watson and Crick went after they “discovered”/announced about the discovery of DNA.  Afterwards, we walked around Cambridge University, and local markets they had in town.  The markets were pretty cool and they had some pretty good food!  So far every place I’ve gone to eat on this entire trip has been great!  At Cambridge we got to see a women’s/anti-racist march which was really cool.  I liked Cambridge and the little college town it is.  I’m glad I went and checked it out!



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