Castles & Cathedrals

This week felt pretty long since we had a field trip for our British Studies class on Friday.

On Tuesday of this past week, I had another dinner with my Meet-A-Family at their house.  It was wonderful again.  They are just such nice people!

On Wednesday we were scheduled to play the worst team in our basketball league.  I was ready to get a real win under our belts.  When we got to the gym and game time neared, the crowd was understandably a lot smaller.  As tip-off time came around, neither the refs nor the other team seemed to be anywhere in sight… It was a sad feeling.  Our ref came 10 mins late, but the other team just didn’t show up.  It was tremendously uneventful.  We were all ready to play and I swear we were in our lay-up lines for 30 minutes.  It seems really funny thinking about it now, but in the moment, I just wanted to hoop.  Once our ref called it, we did run a short scrimmage within our team. Something is better than nothing I guess.  I do look forward to playing and winning some of our upcoming games.

On Thursday, I had planned and booked a trip to Ireland for next week.  This is going to be a very eventful span of the first 2 weeks of February since I have Ireland and Italy to visit.

On Friday’s field trip to Lincoln, we got to explore the city, and learn about the cathedral and castle there.  Actually learning about it rather than just soaking in its vast beauty is really interesting.  It is nice to see things, architecturally, that I wouldn’t notice if I was just visiting it on my own.  Like noticing the differences between Roman and Gothic architecture, and to visually see where they expanded and changed things.  I also got to see one of the four remaining copies of the Magna Carta which dates back to 1215.  That was pretty cool since we learned about it in school here, but also back in the US.

Saturday, I took a day trip to York.  It was a cool little town, with an even bigger cathedral than Lincolns, and a castle.  Nothing new.  It seems like everywhere I go in England, I see cathedrals and castles.  In York we had lunch on this street called the shambles.  It is a narrow street dedicated solely to pedestrians.  It reminded me very much of Diagon Alley.

I look forward to my upcoming travels.  I have Ireland next week, and Italy the weekend after that since it’s a long weekend!

Until next week,





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