What a week it has been.  I went on my Ireland trip this week, and have Italy to go visit on Wednesday.  It’s going to be a busy, tiring, sleep deprived week, but I think it will be 100% worth it!

Starting off this week, on Tuesday, there was a Karaoke night as a house competition.  I was really excited for this, and wanted to perform, but not alone.  Tuesday, during lunch I was approached by another student asking if I wanted to do a Backstreet Boys song.  I immediately agreed.  Doing karaoke and singing/performing isn’t characteristic of me at all back home, but here I like to explore new experiences and challenge myself.  The group of guys doing the song, chose to perform “I Want It That Way”.  Classic song, great choice, I love it.  We also planned to wear white t shirts and jeans because we’re the backstreet boys, and in the music video they are wearing all white.  Following this decision, I started listening to the song on repeat until it was performance time.  We also spilt up verses and I chose to have a solo and do Kevin’s verse.  Before the event began, we all met in the Bistro and choreographed some things, and also rehearsed.  Then came performance time.  We absolutely nailed it!  I have the full video on my phone and also posted a part of it on Twitter so check it out if you haven’t already!  The thrill you get from performing was awesome, but even better is when you get the entire crowd to sing along with you.  It’s this feeling of facilitating or conducting a banger/sing along that is so amazing.  I absolutely loved it.  The Karaoke night lasted until about midnight, it was a huge success.  They said that they’d be having another one, so I’m super pumped for that.  Also to top it all off, Greggory (my house) won the competition!

On Wednesday, we had basketball practice, but before it there was a Zumba session led by one of the TLU students here.  Since I have never gone to or done Zumba, I wanted to check it out.  It was really fun, and had my butt and calves feeling sore the next day.


Logan and I left Harlaxton for the train station at 7 AM on Friday morning so we could get to Gatwick for our 1:15 flight.  From there we went to the Hostel (Jacobs Inn).  Which was a really “hip” hostel. From there we explored Dublin, walking around.  Going down the river, Temple Bar, and other places around the city.  We walked about 8 miles that night, and saw some really interesting things.  It is a different, but neat culture in the city of Dublin, and there are so many different people.  We ate at this place called Boojum, which I would say is equivalent to chipotle. It was much needed Mexican food experience.

On Saturday, we got up really early to catch our Paddywagon Tour to the Cliffs of Moher.  We stopped at this place that the driver referred to as the “baby” cliffs.  They were amazing.  Along with the actual cliffs, I took so many AMAZING pictures that day.  So many cool pictures, it’s crazy.  At the cliffs, it had rained before so it was super muddy.  And once you go across the wall they had set up, it got even more muddy.  I challenged myself to go as far as I could, and I did.  I had some random couple take a picture of me on a cliff which was really awesome.  After the Cliffs, we had a long, sleep filled bus ride back to Dublin. In Dublin, we had dinner at Crackbird…This was one of the best chicken I have ever had.  We got the regular buttermilk fried chicken, and also got soy garlic chicken.  The soy garlic was phenomenal.  We also ordered potato salad as a side, and it was by far the best potato salad I’ve ever had. Wow, just thinking about it makes my mouth water.

This week, I have a big British Studies Exam on Wednesday, a basketball game on Tuesday, then I also leave for my Italy trip on Wednesday!  Going to be really busy, but memorable!

Until next week,



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