A Weekend In

This weekend I didn’t travel anywhere, but instead stayed at Harlaxton.  I did however go to London on Wednesday and saw a basketball game.  This weekend, here in the manor, I got A LOT of work done.  I finished a presentation and term paper rough draft I have to do for British Studies.

On Wednesday after lunch Austin, Isaac, and I took a trip to London to see a basketball game.  The tickets were only 15 pounds, and we got to spend a few hours in London, so why not.  My main motive really was to go back to Shoreditch.  Taking Austin and Isaac with me was cool too, because they got their first experience of Beigle Bake and a little taste of Shoreditch.

When we got to the arena, we figured out that it was actually in London’s Olympic Park.  That was cool to stumble upon.  The game experience was fun, but pretty different from the United States.  There was an announcer at the game like you hear on T.V., but this guy was connected to speakers at the actual stadium.  At first I didn’t really fancy him, but he definitely grew on me.  He was really funny.  He would just sigh when there was a disappointing play or call.  One time a player for Sheffield (the visiting team) got called for a travel and the announcer said, “We don’t just let anyone travel here in London, you need an Oyster Card for that”.  I died laughing!  For those who don’t know what an Oyster card is, it is what is used to ride the bus and tube system across London!  The game itself was a close one, London Lions won after a clutch free throw that gave them a one-point lead.  After the game, players from the London Lions, started going into the crowd and meeting fans and stuff.  It was like nothing I have ever seen.

This weekend, I have been primarily just working on my British Studies presentation and term paper, playing basketball, and just hanging out with the kids that stayed this week.  We mattress surfed down the stairs here in the castle which was a cool bucket list moment.

But the major event that occurred this week happened yesterday.  The interns here at Harlaxton were talking to me about how hard it is to get tickets to see the Cursed Child play.  The tickets are sold out until like 2018, and they do a release of 40 tickets every Friday at 1 PM.  They were telling me how they set up all the computers in the Student Development Office to try and get some, but have been unsuccessful.  So on Saturday morning, I logged on to the plays official website, and saw that I could buy tickets for March 1.  This was strange, so I clicked on the link and saw that 1 ticket was available.  I added it to my cart, and a 5 minute timer started.  I quickly entered my credit card information and everything else, and it was done…I had just bought tickets to see Cursed Child.  Afterwards, I just kept refreshing my email and rereading the confirmation email not believing that just happened.  I still can’t believe I got them…I guess, I’m just the chosen one!  Then I checked my schedule to see if I had any tests that day since I wouldn’t be able to go to class.  I didn’t so I was clear, and booked my train to London.  It is important to note that, you can’t resell these tickets.  So when people can’t go, they have to return them, that’s how I was able to snag them from the website.  Someone couldn’t go, and returned the ticket, so they posted it online.

Next weekend, I’m going to be here at the manor also.  Although, I will have less work to do, it will be cool.  I might take a quick trip to Nottingham or Peterborough depending on who is here on campus.

Until next week,



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