Halfway Done!

Firstly, I would like to acknowledge that I am a day late on this blog.  I goofed.  I totally forgot about it, but that sort of explains my week.  Nothing too special, just a mellow week and weekend living in a castle.

On Wednesday, we had our first playoff basketball game and we won!   The next game is the semi-finals against the team we beat by 1 point.  But I do believe we are prepared to take them on, and secure another W for Harlaxton.

This weekend was my second consecutive weekend staying at Harlaxton.  It wasn’t as productive as last weekend, but that’s because I took care of so much of my work last week.  On Saturday, Logan and I rented out bikes and biked around the campus and into the gardens.  It was really peaceful and fun.  The weather being nice made it that much cooler!

Yesterday, I watched my first ever full soccer game on T.V. I had to watch the GOAT (Messi) play!  It was even better than Barcelona won.  I might even be going to see a Man City game the on March 10, the weekend after next.

Next weekend, is the weekend I go to Barcelona!  I am super pumped for that, but am kinda even more excited to see Harry Potter and The Curse Child play Wednesday! This week is going to be busy, but with fun things!  We even have a British Studies field trip Tuesday.

I promise to have a blog up next week on Sunday.

Until next time,



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