This week I played in my last game as a Harlaxton Lion basketball player, had a British Studies exam, and went to Edinburgh, Scotland.

After a long game, long season, the basketball team went into town to celebrate our efforts.  Although we didn’t bring home the championship cup or plate, we still played well and developed into better players.  It has been a phenomenal experience playing teams from nearby and nearby Grantham.  Talking to some of the players at the free throw line, and throughout the game was really fun.  Playing on a basketball team, playing organized basketball here in Europe during my semester abroad, really has fulfilled my expectations I had about recreation here.

Enough of that, I went to Scotland this weekend!

I was definitely one of the last people from Harlaxton to go visit Edinburgh.  We got there Friday night, and stayed in and ordered pizza while watching the March Madness game to late at night.  With a very few hours of sleep, we left our AirBnB at 4:30 AM to go climb a mountain!  Climbing to get to Arthur’s Seat in the dark, was an experience foreign to me, and one I will never forget. Being at he top, the entire city was in sight.

Edinburgh, is a really interesting city in the way it is set up. At the top of the hill, there is the Old Town, with old buildings, architecture, and historic sites.  Around it and down the hill, newer, more modern buildings are built.  I have heard a lot of students say that E

dinburgh is their favorite city they’ve visited and a place they could live in the future.  Although, I did really like the city, London has a special place in my heart.

Other than Arthur’s Seat, Isaac and I went to Camera Obscura, a cool optical illusion building.  We also went to the National Museum where we saw a bunch of cool things including Dolly the Sheep!

We ate at Oink and great hog roast restaurant and a place called Wings.  They were both really good, and a very hipster vibe to them, which I really dig.

On our way back to the manor, our trains were delayed by about 2 1/2 hours.  This really sucked, but I did get a lot of reading done.  I finally finished Meditations, Jane Eyre, and The Prophet this week, so I started Life of Pi this weekend.

Next weekend is another long weekend and I’ll be going to Paris!  Stay tuned for that!

Until next week,






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