Making the Most of What’s Left

As my time here at Haralaxton is winding down, I’m trying my best not to dwell on it too much.  Making the most of my time here during these final days, is my only objective.  Doing the things that I finally got the courage to do.  Leaving this semester with no regrets.

On Tuesday, the Harlaxton Players, the theater group/club, performed their plays they have working on all semester.  All the plays were absolutely wonderful.  The students are so talented!  I have so much respect for the UET students and all others who participated in the plays.  Shout out to them for their creativity!

On Wednesday, I took another trip to London to go to the Harry Potter Studio Tour!  This tour was something I had been looking forward to all semester, and I finally got to go!  It was a dream to see the behind the scenes of my favorite movie series of all time!  Seeing the real props and sets of Harry Potter was absolutely amazing.  Nostalgia took a hold of me throughout the tour, and it got me a little emotional to be honest.  I’m grateful I got to go and learn all about the creation of the movies!  Not to forget that I got to have Butterbeer there too!

On Thursday, some friends and I went into Grantham to see Beauty and Beast.  The movie was fantastic, but the theater itself was something else!  It was definitely the smallest theater I have ever been in.

Friday afternoon, Allie and I rode bikes from Harlaxton to a small town about 3 miles away  called Denton.  There we walked through a public footpaths, and then rode more til we saw signs for Belvoir Castle.  We began following those signs, but stopped when there was a tractor trail off to the side with a perfect English Countryside view.  We saw vast green fields, and yellow fields of Rapeseed, and also a small lake.  Naturally we decided to walk towards the flowers and the lake. It was really nice to spend time with her and talk in such a peaceful setting.

Saturday, I spent most of the day playing FIFA and watching the March Madness games.   We stayed until 4:30 watching UNC earn their spot in the National Championship.

And today Sunday, was spent doing homework and playing soccer and football outside with some of the guys.  It’s weekends like this I’ll never forget, and will miss the most when I will have to say goodbye to Harlaxton, and the wonderful people occupying it’s walls.

I know I didn’t post a Disney blog yet, but I’ll get there!

This week I didn’t travel anywhere, because I was on RA duty. Next week is the British Studies field trip to London!

Until next week,




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