Costume Ball 2k17!

This week was the week of the costume ball.  I feel like it was the most anticipated night of the semester.  Without a doubt, it has been something the interns, people from prior semesters, and everyone else has been hyping up.  I lived up to the hype.

Lately, the weather has been doubtlessly dynamite.  A complete 180 from what it was like at the beginning of the year.  Naturally, this means people are going to spend more time outside and I love it! This last week, I’ve read and done homework outside in the Gardens 3 times and also played soccer and American football without the need of a jacket.  It’s days like these that remind me of the pleasantness that Texas has to offer.

On Friday we had a British Studies field trip to London.  We went to visit St. Paul’s cathedral, the National Gallery, and National Portrait Gallery.  From St. Paul’s, Claire, Matt, and I went to Shoreditch one last time.  I went and had Beigel Bake and Crosstown Donuts one last time.  We went to a number of vintage shops, a bookstore, the community gardens, the park, and I even picked up a great pair of glasses.  It was definitely time well spent.

Once Logan and Isaac were done with their tour of St. Paul’s, I met them up in Camden.  There we walked around through the various shops and eventually made it to the food “court”.  I had a burger that was featured on Hot Ones there and it was amazing.  From there we just chilled with everyone out and around Kings Cross.  It was a sad moment, leaving Kings Cross for my last time, but we were riding first class this time, so that definitely helped.

Saturday.  The day of the costume ball.  In the afternoon, I was going outside to the gardens with Logan and Isaac to read since the weather was so nice, but I met Austin, Blake, Nate, and Ashely and we started to play catch with the Frisbee.  It was a perfect day, and I was running around barefoot playing catch.  It was so pure, so perfect.

Once everyone was ready, we went out to take pictures in front of the Manor before the reception.  We got some really nice pictures since everyone was looking all nice dressed up in their 1920’s themed outfits.  Eventually we went up to the Great Hall for the reception gathering and through to the Long Gallery for dinner.  From dinner it was straight to the dance floor.  We were on the dance floor for a large proportion of 3 hours.  The dance was super fun, and I was looking like a fool, but fake it til you make it.  Dancing with everyone and random groups was a great thing.

Sunday, the day after, another beautiful day, a large amount of people were on the lawn outside the conservatory and gardens.  People were reading, hanging out, playing Frisbee, and most prominently playing Lap-Tag.

At 3:45, I left to play Volleyball in Spalding with the Volleyball team.  We lost, but it was still kinda fun.  Plus we got pizza for going!

This next week is the last week of classes before finals start.  I’m going to see The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time in Nottingham on Wednesday!

Until next week,



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