One of my favorite poems is Dreams by Langston Hughes.  I can say without a single doubt in my mind, this semester has been a dream.

‘Hold fast to dreams’

I will never forget my time at Harlaxton College for many reasons.  Yes, I lived in a castle in the English countryside, but I was surrounded by a group full of some of the most beautiful, genuine, and pure people I have ever met.  These people made my experience everything that it was.

I always thought it was corny at first when I heard about people crying leaving Harlaxton.  I wondered how people got so attached.  Living with these guys has made it all so special for me.  From the programs and activities the college ran, to the Meet-A-Family dinners, to the countless FIFA games, pizza orders, cab rides, flights, trains, hikes, soccer games, basketball games, late nights and everything else in between, these people earned an eternal spot in my heart.

Anytime you were at Harlaxton, you weren’t alone.  You had a friend in each and every student that went there.

This semester has been a dream.

‘Hold fast to dreams

For if dreams die

Life is a broken-winged bird

That cannot fly.’

I was a different me while studying abroad.  I pushed myself to leave my comfort zone whenever possible.  And I love myself for it.

As I write this on my flight back home to the U.S., I feel overcome with happiness knowing I made new friends, new family members.

I also realize that this dream is coming to end…But I’m not worried.  I will hold fast to this dream.  It isn’t dying, it will live in me forever.

Until next time,



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