The Cursed Child Experience

I am beyond blessed. After watching, experiencing, the Cursed Child play, I was left in a state brimming with emotions of all sorts of varieties.

Immediately after the show, I sat in my seat for about 10 minutes just taking in all that I had just seen.  But really it was more than just seeing for me, it was feeling. From the start of the play, I was engulfed in the show. I rarely get attached enough in movies or TV to feel strong emotions towards characters. Harry Potter is different though. As a kid, moving to the US, Harry Potter was one of the first, if not the first movie I ever saw in the theatres in America.  I felt a connection to the characters that was unparalleled by any other movie series. I was the same age as Harry, and his class.  I grew up with them.  

The nostalgia the play brought was powerful to say the least.  Waiting in line at the box office to get my tickets I was jittery and couldn’t stop smiling. Once I got my tickets and got into my seat, I couldn’t believe I was there.  The group in front of me, bought there tickets a year and a half in advance! Somehow I got tickets about 11 days prior.  Nostalgia took me over every time I saw Dumbledore, Snape, Professor McGonagall, Moaning Mrytle, Cedric Dighory, and many other characters.  I was shook.

At the end of the play, after I got up and was walking out of the theatre, I felt grateful for having been able to experience that. I was sad that it was over and that not everyone gets the chance to go. I wanted to cry, but I can’t cry (very frustrating). I felt like a kid, I felt fulfilled. But I also felt I was unworthy of it all.  I’m just a kid from Texas. What am I doing in London seeing a show that is completely booked. Blessed. Grateful.

Now the play.  The sound, stage, lighting, acting, and special effects, were ALL outstanding.  I really didn’t understand how they achieved some of the magic they performed on stage.  The fight scenes were amazing! The sound and lights and effects when the dementors or Voldemort appeared were chilling.  Also shout-out to the actors! ALL of them! Special shout-outs to those who played Draco, Scorpious, Albus, Harry, Ron, and Hermione.

I am so impressed with this play! I hope everyone gets to see it and they extend the dates and also add shows to NY.  I could go on forever, but this is a bonus blog.  I’m currently on my train back to Grantham, and have a test tomorrow which I haven’t studied for.
This play deserved a blog for its own.

Until Sunday,



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